Developer Community Sponsorships

At Shopify, we believe that developer communities shape technology. They are the foundation of developer ecosystems - challenging the status quo and sharing knowledge to support the developer craft. We are proud to partner and invest in initiatives that are fostering strong, healthy, inclusive developer communities.

Developer Community Sponsorship Request

We’re always excited to strengthen our relationships with developer communities and are particularly interested in initiatives that:

  1. Support the development craft of our foundational tech. We’re talking Ruby & Rails, React and React Native, GraphQL, and more.

  2. Are changing our industry and making it more inclusive and accessible for all developers If your initiative is supporting the developer craft, influencing the technology driving our platform, or building a more inclusive and accessible tech industry, let us know how we can help.

Please fill out this form to get in touch.

We’d love 6‑8 weeks advance notice for sponsorship requests and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can if we’re able to support your initiative. We review all requests and will reach out if we're able to support the opportunity.

What We’ve Sponsored

We're fortunate to support developer communities and are always looking for new opportunities. Here are a few sample partnerships and sponsorships:

GraphQL Foundation and Working Group

Shopify is an active member of the GraphQL Foundation and GraphQL Working Group, providing financial and in-kind sponsorship. GraphQL is one of the foundational technologies in use at Shopify. We’ve doubled-down on our investment in GraphQL because we believe it offers more opportunities for our partners to extend our platform and provide essential merchant experiences.

Khronos Group Inc

Shopify is a contributor member of the Khronos 3D Commerce Exploratory Group. We know the future of commerce is constantly changing and we’re leading the way by natively supporting 3D and AR shopping experiences.

Ladybug Podcast

Shopify is an ongoing sponsor of the Ladybug Podcast, an all lady-hosted tech podcast discussing code and careers for developers by Emma Wedekind, Ali Spittel and Kelly Vaughn. This podcast promotes inclusion in technical careers.

Ruby and Rails

Shopify is a consistent contributor to the Ruby and Rails community. One example is our close contribution to Zeitwerk, the new autoloader that ships with Rails 6. In addition, we’re a primary sponsor of RubyConf 2019. To learn more about Shopify’s contributions to the Ruby and Rails community, check out our open-source projects.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Shopify is an active member of the W3C community. The web is a foundational technology for global commerce and, working with the W3C, we’re ensuring the next version of the web is built with commerce in mind.