React Native Skia—For Us, For You, and For Fun

Right now, you are likely reading this content on a Skia surface. It powers Chrome, Android, Flutter, and others. Skia is a cross-platform drawing library that provides a set of drawing primitives that you can trust to run anywhere: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, the browser, and now React Native.

Our goal with this project is twofold. First we want to provide React Native, which is notorious for its limited graphical capabilities, with a set of powerful 2D drawing primitives that are consistent across iOS, Android, and the Web.  Second is to bridge the gap between graphic designers and React Native: by providing the same UI capabilities as a tool like Figma. Everyone can now speak the same language.

Skia logo image. The background is back and Skia is displayed in cursive rainbow font in the middle of the screen
React Native Skia logo

To bring the Skia library to React Native, we needed to rely on the new React Native architecture, JavaScript Interface (JSI). This new API enables direct communication between JavaScript and native modules using C++ instead of asynchronous messages between the two worlds. JSI allows us to expose the Skia API directly in the following way:

We are making this API virtually 100% compatible with the Flutter API allowing us to do two things:

  1. Leverage the completeness and conciseness of their drawing API
  2. Eventually provide react-native-web support for Skia using CanvasKit, the Skia WebAssembly build used by Flutter for its web apps.

React is all about declarative UIs, so we are also providing a declarative API built on top of the imperative one. The example above can also be written as:

This API allows us to provide an impressive level of composability to express complex drawings, and it allows us to perform declarative optimizations. We leverage the React Reconciler to perform the work of diffing the internal representation states, and we pass the differences through to the Skia engine.

React Native Skia offers a wide range of APIs such as advanced image filters, shaders, SVG, path operations, vertices, and text layouts. The demo below showcases a couple of drawing primitives previously unavailable in the React Native ecosystem. Each button contains a drop and inner shadow, the progress bar is rendered with an angular gradient,  and the bottom sheet uses a backdrop filter to blur the content below it.

Below is an example of mesh gradients done using React Native Skia

Reanimated 2 (a project also supported by Shopify) brought to life the vision of React Native developers writing animations directly in JavaScript code by running it on a dedicated thread. Animations in React native Skia work the same way. Below is an example of animation in Skia:

Example of the Breathe code animated

If your drawing animation depends on an outside view, like a React Native gesture handler, for instance, we also provide a direct connector to Reanimated 2.

With React Native Skia, we expect to be addressing a big pain point of the React Native community. And it is safe to say that we are only getting started. We are working on powerful new features which we cannot wait to share with you in the upcoming months. We also cannot wait to see what you build with it. What are you waiting for!? npm install @shopify/react-native-skia.

Christian Falch has been involved with React Native since 2018, both through open source projects and his Fram X consultancy. He has focused on low-level React Native coding integrating native functionality with JavaScript and has extensive experience writing C++ based native modules.

William Candillon is the host of the “Can it be done in React Native?” YouTube series, where he explores advanced user-experiences and animations in the perspective of React Native development. While working on this series, William partnered with Christian to build the next-generation of React Native UIs using Skia.

Colin Gray is a Principal Developer of Mobile working on Shopify’s Point of Sale application. He has been writing mobile applications since 2010, in Objective-C, RubyMotion, Swift, Kotlin, and now React Native. He focuses on stability, performance, and making witty rejoinders in engineering meetings. Reach out on LinkedIn to discuss mobile opportunities at Shopify!

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