We Want Your Feedback for the Shopify Engineering Blog

We Want Your Feedback for the Shopify Engineering Blog

Update (March 11, 2022): The reader survey is now closed. Thanks to all who provided feedback. Keep in touch with us on Twitter at @ShopifyEng.


Hello Shopify Engineering readers,

We’re conducting a survey so we can get a better sense of the stories you’re interested in reading. We want to learn more about you, your likes and dislikes, so we can create the best content possible, from deeply technical guides to pieces on developer culture.

The survey will take five minutes to complete. Your responses will be used for the purpose of improving our content and tailoring newsletters to better reflect your interests.*

Thank you for your feedback—and for reading!


Anita Clarke
Senior Managing Editor

*Your responses will be analyzed in aggregate and used for research purposes; some aggregated data may be shared externally. Your data will be treated in accordance with Shopifys privacy policy, which can be found here.